ICOSCM Conference 2020

18 – 21 July 2020

IMPORTANT: An electronic copy of the signed acceptance/invitation letter will be sent to authors for all accepted abstracts by approximately 4 May 2020 or earlier.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



    • Tuesday, 2 June 2020: Last day for full refund of ICOSCM Conference registration fees. 

    • Tuesday, 30 June 2020: Last day for partial (50%) refund of ICOSCM Conference registration fees. 

    • NOTE: No Refunds after 1 July 2020

    In what form will accepted abstracts and papers be presented at the conference?

    You will be making an oral presentation of your accepted abstract or paper at the online conference.

    How much time do I have for my presentation?

    On average, four presentations are scheduled in each 90-minute session. In some cases, there may be five presentations depending on scheduling constraints.

    Will there be conference proceedings?

    Yes, there will be on-line conference proceedings for accepted full papers and details of all conference related activities.

    Are there opportunities for paper publications?

    For academics interested in publications, we are planning for a special issue within a highly ranked journal and a book with a credible publisher for excellent full papers presented in the conference.  A committee will be established to make recommendations of papers for review and evaluation in these publications, as well as for best paper awards.  More information will be announced as we further develop these plans

    How and when do I get the receipt for payment of registration fees?

    You can print it online immediately after registration. The registration receipt will also be provided at the time of registration check-in. 

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