Industry Forum

3rd Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum

18 -21 July 2020​

Theme: Digital innovations and sustainability in the supply chain


  • Association of Supply Chain and Operations Management(ASCOM)

  • China-Europe International Business School(CEIBS),China 

  • Macquarie Business School (MQBS), Macquarie University, Australia

This forum will bring together leading thinkers in supply chain management from both industry and the academic communities to discuss the latest trends in digital supply chain, business model innovations, digital technologies, and the influence of big data on supply chain management. In addition, supply chain leaders will review how these practices can result in sustainability through application of digital technologies and relationship management.

The subject of supply chain, digital technologies and business model innovations in the field of food and agricultural industries will be discussed, either as the industry forum theme or as one of the parallel sessions. We invite proposals for workshops and panels in other industry sectors, e.g., transport and logistics, telecommunications, etc.


Invited speakers and panelists include Professors Hau Lee from Stanford University, USA, Barbara Flynn from Indiana University, USA, Norma Harrison from MQBS, Australia, Xiande Zhao from CEIBS, China, Steven Melnyk from Michigan State University, USA, and senior managers from leading companies such as Tencent, Haier, Jing Dong from China, Port of Newcastle (Craig Carmody, CEO), Bain & Co. (Olaf Schatteman, Partner), and representatives from global companies.

In addition to the keynote speeches and panel discussions, we will organize small group networking

opportunities where we facilitate collaborations between participating companies, and among academic and industry leaders from different countries to help resolve problems and challenges in the supply chain.

We hope that your company will participate in and support this forum. It would be of assistance if you would identify your company interests, and how you would be willing to contribute to the following:

  1. Serving as keynote speakers and panelists 

  2. Providing sponsorship 

  3. Providing company personnel as conference participants 

  4. Be a host for a potential company visit.

Examples of proposed collaborations

  • The company will provide speakers to talk about its collaborations with suppliers, especially in the applications of digital technologies, supply chain innovations and business model innovations. Where relevant, the company will demonstrate how it uses the company’s digital platform to help business partners to improve their supply chains;

  • Specific technologies illustrated could include block chains for track and tracing, digital technologies for collaborative planning, forecasting, and replenishment (CPFR) and consumer to manufacturer (C2M);

  • The company will invite its suppliers or business partners to attend; 

  • The company will also provide some financial support for conference activities.