ICOSCM Conference 2020

18-21 July 2020



Advances in digital technologies in the last two decades have facilitated the digital transformation of supply chains. This, in turn, accelerates the supply chain process of value creation: better-customized products, faster delivery, data-driven supply chain strategy, among others.


Creating better, or different, value is a typical objective of supply chain innovation. Sustainability in the supply chain context can create value as well.


Although sustainable development normally aims to reduce waste and improve the environment, it can drive supply chain innovation by incorporating sustainability criteria in all stages of the innovation process, going beyond designing green products and packaging.


Sustainability-driven innovation can lead to both cost and waste reduction by improving supply chain operations and processes.


Reducing environmental waste, minimizing the use of key resources, or finding substitutes such as renewable sources, can be powerful drivers for developing innovative products and business models.


The interplay between innovation and sustainability in supply chains, however, has not been sufficiently considered for business in practice. On the one hand, this interplay can be enhanced by digital technologies.


On the other hand, digital technologies may construct more complex innovative and sustainable supply chains.

  • How could innovation be linked to sustainable performance (i.e., the triple bottom line)?

  • How could organizations transform to synergize the innovation and sustainability in supply chains?

  • How would partners and suppliers work collaboratively for innovative, sustainable supply chains?

This conference attempts to address the above issues.


One distinctive feature and tradition of this conference is the Strategic Supply Chain Thought Leaders Forum.


World-renowned scholars and business leaders will share their insights on how sustainability leadership is linked to innovation leadership, and how such linkage will impact supply chain performance.


The evolution of innovative and sustainable supply chain business model based on digital technologies will be discussed.


We invite you to submit your papers and suggested panels to this conference to exchange your research ideas with internationally renowned invited speakers, academics and practitioners.